Go beyond theory to production-grade enterprise AI

BeyondMinds delivers fully customized, enterprise AI solutions
that withstand real-world data conditions,
creating value from day one and beyond

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Our Passion

Beyond Convention

We make AI transformation faster, simpler & more scalable

90% Success Rate

Our robust, stable and trustful platform enables to deploy production-grade AI solutions that deliver sustainable value in real-world environments, boosting the success rates of AI projects. Our AI solutions are tailored to each customer’s data, business needs and use cases, and are delivered at unprecedented speed. The ability to quickly add self-adaptive, hyper-customized solutions on top of our platform enables our customers to scale up their AI transformation with confidence.


Beyond Proof-of-Concept

Using the BeyondMinds Platform technologies, we ensure your solution will be robust and stable under extreme real-world scenarios, to meet the most demanding production requirements.


Core AI Domains


Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

Improve operational efficiency and quality, shorten design time, and reduce material waste with AI that learns and improves over time.


Financial Services & Insurance

Improve customer satisfaction, generate new insights, and mitigate risk with a variety of AI use cases, tailored specifically to your data and requirements.

Financial Services & Insurance

We are Here to Help

We collaborate with the world’s most sophisticated companies to define where, when, and how to deploy AI in order to achieve maximum business value over time.

We are Here to Help

Beyond Today

We guarantee increasing quality from day one, to day forever.

Committed to your long-term success, our platform-based solutions are not delivered as a singular event. Our platform’s unique technology ensures that your AI will always be on the rails, adapting to formerly unseen data and scenarios on-the-fly, while providing trust, monitoring, and feedback capabilities to increase AI adoption and clarity. We call this AI-as-a-Service.


Beyond the Competition

We help our partners and customers go beyond their competition by creating core AI differentiators to improve innovation and efficiency across their businesses.

KLA Samsung Microsoft KPMG

In The News

Bias and discrimination in AI: whose responsibility is it to tackle them?

VentureBeat 8 June 2021

There’s no one clear answer to who’s responsible for preventing AI systems from perpetuating discrimination against various groups in society, but this VentureBeat article by Nurit Cohen Inger, VP of Product at BeyondMinds, tackles the issue by laying out the foundations of Ethical AI systems.

Read the full article

We Love Theory

With our origin in academics, we are committed to furthering the education and understanding of AI.

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