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With our universally applicable and easily adaptable AI platform, BeyondMinds ensures that your business achieves production-grade, ROI-positive artificial intelligence.

Our Passion

Beyond Convention

We make AI transformation faster, simpler & more scalable

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Our passion is making ROI-positive transformations attainable to enterprises. So, we went beyond the conventional approach and built a modular AI platform that focuses on solving the foundational barriers of AI production, while simultaneously supporting rapid customization for individual needs and use cases. This approach not only delivers our customers hyper-customized, production-grade AI deployments, but also enables a holistic approach to scaling up and scoping out AI throughout an organization.


Beyond Proof-of-Concept

Using the BeyondMinds Platform production technologies, we ensure your solution will be robust and stable under extreme real-world scenarios, to meet the most demanding production requirements.


Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0

Improve operational efficiency and quality, shorten design time, and reduce material waste with AI that learns and improves over time.


Financial Services & Insurance

Improve customer satisfaction, generate new insights, and mitigate risk with a variety of AI use cases, tailored specifically to your data and requirements.

Financial Services & Insurance

We are Here to Help

We collaborate with the world’s most sophisticated companies to define where, when, and how to deploy AI in order to achieve maximum business value over time.

We are Here to Help

Beyond Today

We guarantee increasing quality from day one, to day forever.

Committed to your long-term success, our platform-based solutions are not delivered as a singular event. We’ve incorporated a technology layer to ensure your AI will be always on the rails, adapting to formerly unseen data and scenarios on-the-fly, while providing trust, monitoring, and feedback tools to increase AI adoption and clarity. We call this AI-as-a-Service.


Beyond the Competition

We help our partners and customers go beyond their competition by creating core AI differentiators to improve innovation and efficiency across their businesses.

KLA Samsung Microsoft KPMG

In The News

The Great Compromise in AI’s Buy vs Build Dilemma

Forbes 19 January 2021

Kasia Borowska, AI & Machine Learning expert and Forbes Contributor, writes about “The Great Compromise in AI’s Buy vs Build Dilemma”

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