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We recognize the pain enterprises experience in bringing AI initiatives to life, with more than 85% of AI projects never reaching production or creating value. Even when enterprises succeed, the process is lengthy and the overhead in maintaining solutions in production is huge – decelerating the potential impact of the technology.

Transcending individual industries and extending past a specific use case, the BeyondMinds modular AI platform can be quickly configured to unique customer needs, providing a universal infrastructure for multiple use-cases. Each AI solution built on top of our platform is hyper-customized to a specific use case, business need, and customer data. The robustness and stability of our platform ensures that it stays on-the-rails and continues to provide accurate predictions even under extreme data scenarios.

We enable the fastest, easiest, and guaranteed path to AI impact.

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As a foundational technology, artificial intelligence has the potential to turbocharge business advancement in every industry with its wide range of benefits.

Today’s enterprises require hyper-customized solutions that meet their unique business objectives. Using our modular platform, enterprises can quickly expand deployments across several AI production use-cases, creating a company-wide AI transformation.

AI implementation potential
  • Fueling Innovation
    Fueling Innovation
  • Streamlining Operations
    Streamlining Operations
  • Accelerating Growth
    Accelerating Growth
  • Reducing Costs
    Reducing Costs
  • Supercharging Efficiency
    Supercharging Efficiency & Productivity
  • Managing Risk
    Managing Risk

Above & Beyond the Industry Standard

Bringing AI models to life, in real-world production environments​

The BeyondMinds platform is designed and tested to withstand real-world production environments. Its unique robustness and stability capabilities ensure that it continues to deliver accurate predictions even under extreme data scenarios, as well as explanations on the rationale of each prediction. As a fully modular platform, it can be quickly configured to unique customer needs: each AI solution built on top of our platform is hyper-customized to a specific use case, business need, and customer data.

  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Trustful & Transparent
    Trustful & Transparent
  • Fully Customizable
    Fully Customizable
  • Sustainable
    Sustainable Over Time
  • Human-Machine
    Human-Machine Collaboration

BeyondMinds’ Enterprise AI Platform

BeyondMinds’ modular platform improves AI throughput by speeding the delivery of hyper-customized AI production solutions across multiple use cases.

The platform’s flexible architecture allows for deployment within all major public cloud providers AWS, GCP, Azure as well as on-premise, close to customer data, allowing seamless transition between different cloud providers, avoiding vendor locking. Our platform enables easy integration into existing legacy systems. Once deployed, the solution is managed under a turnkey evergreen AI delivery subscription.

Monitoring & Training AI

Inference AI

We Love Theory

With our origin in academics, we are committed to furthering the education and understanding of AI.

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