AI for
Financial Services

Production-grade AI for transforming financial services, increasing operational efficiency, mitigating risk, and improving customer satisfaction.

Transforming Financial Services with AI

AI adoption in financial services is forging ahead at an exponential pace. Deploying customizable, robust and trustworthy AI solutions can enable firms to:


Improve fraud detection and prevention


Increase operational efficiency through business process automation


Assist loan underwriters in accelerating decision making with greater confidence


Analyze and evaluate a wide array of risks from compliance, credit and operations to cybersecurity


Augment customer experience with personalized offerings and smarter financial products


Use Cases

Hyper-Customized AI Use Cases for Financial Services

  • Anti-Money Laundering
    Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    Dramatically reduce false positives and false negatives on AML monitoring, allowing firms to efficiently meet their regulatory obligations around suspicious transactions.

  • Insights
    Payments Fraud Risk Scoring

    Anomaly detection which looks at standard monetary transactions and interactions on other channels to derive a risk score or a probability that a particular transaction is fraudulent.

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service Optimization

    Facilitate effortless customer interactions with automated processes for exceptional customer experiences.

  • Loan Underwriting
    Loan Underwriting

    Accurately determine applicant credit risk scores and propensity to default with accelerated decision making with big data analysis.

  • Know Your Customer
    Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Streamline the customer onboarding process with face recognition and ID verification, and ensure full regulatory compliance, while reducing fraud.

  • Loan Default Management
    Loan Default Management

    Identify potential delinquencies, deploy a personalized collection response, and mitigate loan losses.

We work closely with your business teams to understand data, needs and constraints when providing a solution. Each solution is delivered as a service on top of the BeyondMinds platform. We provide solutions that are stable, sustainable and fair, leveraging human-machine collaboration to constantly improve accuracy.


One Platform for your AI Transformation

BeyondMinds’ robust, end-to-end AI platform is constructed on a universal, modular technology stack. The platform’s innovative design enables rapid customization of solutions, solving pressing problems. Our platform ensures scalability and achieves your AI goals to ensure a complete AI transformation with a single platform.

Our platform is cloud-agnostic and adaptive to different environments, based on your technical constraints and business needs.

BeyondMinds’ solutions meet rigorous security and governance requirements, ensuring alignment as these growing demands and challenges evolve.

  • SaaS Solution Layer
    • Solutions built on top of the Platform
      On top of the BeyondMinds platform we build a solution which is hyper-customized to specific enterprise needs – use cases, business processes, KPIs, data and environment
  • Core AI Layers
    • Production, Operation and Management Technologies
      Manage and maintain optimal solution performance over time: ensure trust to meet regulatory requirements; mitigate bias; allow easy man-machine interaction; enable full monitoring
    • AI Capabilities
      A full set of AI capability suites for various AI domains, such as NLP, Speech Analysis, Computer Vision etc.
    • Core Data Technologies
      Guarantee a production-grade solution: high performance in noisy, corrupted or insufficient data environments; inference acceleration; stability under dynamic data conditions
  • Data & Security Layers
    • Data Connection & Integration
      State of the art, highly scalable data ingestion layer that supports secure streaming and batch loads, REST and gRPC, structured and unstructured data intake
    • Security
      Secure internal and external communication protocols, connection and session timeout management, encryption of data in transit and at rest, confidentiality, SSO, OAuth, SAML and MFA identification and authentication, authorization and access provisioning, data integrity verification, trust boundary identification, auditing and monitoring security events
  • Cloud Native Support
      • On Premise

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