AI for Insurance

Production-grade AI for smarter and more proactive insurance services, enhanced decision making and lower costs, and improved customer journey.

Transforming Insurance with AI

The introduction of AI is revitalizing the insurance industry and transitioning it from being reactionary with a detect and repair methodology, to being proactive with a predict and prevent approach. Deploying customizable AI solutions enables insurers to stay ahead of the competition by:


Drastically reducing time and resources to onboard new customers


Enabling real-time underwriting and more accurate pricing


Introducing personalization and recommender systems for customer insurance policies


Decreasing time and costs of claim processing, while improving efficiency and accuracy


Improving customer satisfaction

Insure with AI

Use Cases

Hyper-Customized AI Use Cases for Insurance

  • Claims Assessment
    Claims Assessment

    Simplify and streamline claims processing for both the insured and insurer by automating the data capture process of claims submissions, optimizing the prioritization and assignment mechanism, and providing accurate risk assessment.

  • Underwriting

    Enhance the accuracy, minimize the risk, and improve the efficiency of underwriting by automating the document submission and review process.

  • Data Capture
    Damage Assessment

    Benefit from fast and accurate estimates and reviews, conducting detailed inspections and reducing manual processing through precise and timely reports.

  • Personalization

    Automatically offer ideal policies tailored to specific customers, without the need for agent intervention, by analyzing prior customer behavior and data on other customers with similar profiles.

We work closely with your business teams to understand data, needs and constraints when providing a solution. Each solution is delivered as a service on top of the BeyondMinds platform. We provide solutions that are stable, sustainable and fair, leveraging human-machine collaboration to constantly improve accuracy.


One Platform for your AI Transformation

BeyondMinds’ robust, end-to-end AI platform is constructed on a universal, modular technology stack. The platform’s innovative design enables rapid customization of solutions, solving pressing problems. Our platform ensures scalability and achieves your AI goals to ensure a complete AI transformation with a single platform.

Our platform is cloud-agnostic and adaptive to different environments, based on your technical constraints and business needs.

BeyondMinds’ solutions meet rigorous security and governance requirements, ensuring alignment as these growing demands and challenges evolve.

  • SaaS Solution Layer
    • Solutions built on top of the Platform
      On top of the BeyondMinds platform we build a solution which is hyper-customized to specific enterprise needs – use cases, business processes, KPIs, data and environment
  • Core AI Layers
    • Production, Operation and Management Technologies
      Manage and maintain optimal solution performance over time: ensure trust to meet regulatory requirements; mitigate bias; allow easy man-machine interaction; enable full monitoring
    • AI Capabilities
      A full set of AI capability suites for various AI domains, such as NLP, Speech Analysis, Computer Vision etc.
    • Core Data Technologies
      Guarantee a production-grade solution: high performance in noisy, corrupted or insufficient data environments; inference acceleration; stability under dynamic data conditions
  • Data & Security Layers
    • Data Connection & Integration
      State of the art, highly scalable data ingestion layer that supports secure streaming and batch loads, REST and gRPC, structured and unstructured data intake
    • Security
      Secure internal and external communication protocols, connection and session timeout management, encryption of data in transit and at rest, confidentiality, SSO, OAuth, SAML and MFA identification and authentication, authorization and access provisioning, data integrity verification, trust boundary identification, auditing and monitoring security events
  • Cloud Native Support
      • On Premise

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