Infographic: AI in Manufacturing

AI presents a fundamental shift in the way companies run their production lines, design and innovate their products, and optimize production yield.

While AI will likely affect many industries over the coming years, according to Deloitte Survey on AI Adoption in Manufacturing, the manufacturing industry is expected to lead in global AI market size, surpassing sectors such as government, transportation, banking, healthcare and more. The same survey also found that 93% of companies believe that AI will be a pivotal technology to drive growth and innovation in the manufacturing sector and that 87% have adopted AI or planned to do so within two years. While there are many possible use cases for AI in manufacturing, the Capgemini report Scaling AI in Manufacturing Operations found that the most prominent use cases are predictive maintenance, and defect detection (sometimes referred to as quality control).

With the power of AI, These two use cases benefit greatly from AI advancements in both cost reduction and in increased productivity, as can be seen in the AI in manufacturing infographic below.