Image & Video

Combine fine-grained visual perception and high-level scene understanding for supporting decisions at scale


Rooted in research, ready for production

Handle Noisy Data

Real-life data is noisy. Our solutions suppress the noise where possible and indicate ambiguities where decisions cannot be reliably made.

Few-Shot Learning

Adapt quickly to new scenarios with minimalist datasets by generalizing from a few examples, overcoming the scarcity of supervised data.

Create Impact Over Time

Life is full of learning opportunities. Our solutions naturally adapt to new data and guarantee increasing quality over time.

Build Trust

Trustworthy AI has to communicate its decisions to humans. Our solutions ask for feedback and reliably reflect prediction certainty.



Anomaly Detection

Identify never-seen-before anomalies in live data to detect product defects, system malfunctions, and potential fraud


Video Analytics

Generate insights from changing environments using live camera feeds even under extreme visibility conditions


Image Generation

Increase privacy and boost performance with synthetic data and defend against fraudulent adversarial examples

Go Deep


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