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Data Scientist

Tel Aviv

About The Position

BeyondMinds is looking for an enthusiastic Data Scientist to join our research team. As a Data Scientist, you will tackle various enterprise challenges desperate for some AI treatment and be the first to formulate them into optimizable solutions. You will also have a chance to boost your skills around Computer-Vision, NLP and Speech, working closely with some of the brightest minds of these fields.


  • M.Sc. in computer science, electrical engineering, or related areas from a top university. PhDs in these fields are very welcome.
  • 3-5 years industrial experience in data science and machine learning. Proven experience in handling end-to-end data science projects and presenting the findings and insights.
  • Proven experience in translating business challenges into data pipelines & model framework Experience with Machine Learning techniques. 
  • Proficiency with SQL, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, databases, visualization tools, quantitative analysis and statistics
  • Experience with Relevant Python Libraries (SKlearn, Pandas, Pytorch, XGBoost, etc.).
  • Proven experience leading big data-driven projects from definition to execution: defining metrics, experiment design, communicating actionable insights.
  • Advantage: Experience with typical deep learning applications (Computer-Vision / NLP / Speech).

What You'll Be Doing

  • Solve various problems and make an impact across unlimited industries and domains (Fraud Detection, Cyber Security, Insurance, Predictive maintenance, Energy Optimization, and more.). 
  • Deliver business value by translating complex data into meaningful insights.
  • Work directly with some of the brightest minds in AI and Engineering. 
  • Apply your scientific knowledge to analyze and collect data, identify problems, devise solutions and construct methodologies.
  • Develop machine learning and deep learning models for time series and tabular data.
  • Participate in the cutting edge research in different fields in AI and will publish research papers in prestigious conferences.

About Us

BeyondMinds is a global enterprise AI software provider, accelerating AI transformation by offering a new paradigm for deploying production-grade AI solutions systematically. We believe that impactful AI solutions should neither be built from the ground up, nor bought off-the-shelf, but rather hyper-customized to fit the business problems and constraints.

At BeyondMinds we have developed the world’s first modular AI technology stack to solve the challenges currently holding back enterprise AI adoption. With the BeyondMinds Modular Engine (BME™️) we enable enterprises to bring AI to production with robustness, accuracy, and speed that were previously unimaginable. 

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