AI Multiplier Company

We are the AI
Multiplier Company

Beyond a Vision

There have been extraordinary advances made in AI in the last few years. But there’s also been disappointment, exaggerated claims, and failures. The goal of bridging this gap between theory to practice and to successful production is the reason we founded BeyondMinds in 2018.

As part of our vision to accelerate the democratization of AI, we built the first enterprise AI platform that is universally applicable and easily adaptable. We did this by building an AI platform that incorporates foundational AI elements that transcend individual industries, while also enabling customization to address individual needs. This allows us to deliver hyper-customized, production-ready AI solutions that enable sophisticated companies to rapidly implement ROI-positive transformations.

The Industry’s First AI Multiplier Effect


We multiply the power of AI. This includes fundamental and applied AI research. Production readiness.
The resources of your internal team, and all the structured and unstructured data you’ve accumulated.
The ability and ease of your company to scale up and scope out AI projects and goals. The transformative
effect of AI.
This is the kind of ROI you’ve been waiting for.

The real people behind the technology

BeyondMinds was founded on the belief that taking big risks leads to big breakthroughs. This belief is embedded throughout our company. At the heart of our company is the passion of each of our employees to think big. To embrace complexity while finding new ways to create simplicity. To face challenges head on and conquer the highest peaks. We bring this approach to each and every one of our endeavors, every day.

The real people behind the technology

Beyond Borders

Enabling AI democratization around the world, our company has offices in Tel-Aviv, New York, and London, with employees located in numerous other countries. We service Global 1000 companies, enabling full AI transformation in these organizations.

We Love Theory

With our origin in academics, we are committed to furthering the education and understanding of AI.

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