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We are a team of AI enthusiasts looking to create the next leap forward for mass AI adoption. We harness both fundamental and applied AI research to solve real-world problems faced by enterprises globally, to create the recently unimaginable.

Selected Publications

By Our Team

The Contextual Loss for Image Transformation with Non-Aligned Data

Roey Mechrez*, Itamar Talmi*, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, ECCV 2018 - while affiliated with Technion

Template Matching with Deformable Diversity Similarity

Roey Mechrez*, Itamar Talmi*, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, CVPR 2017 - while affiliated with Technion

Self-Supervised Dynamic Networks for Covariate Shift Robustness

Tomer Cohen, Noy Shulman, Hai Morgenstern, Roey Mechrez, and Erez Farhan

Revisiting Joint Modeling of Cross-document Entity and Event Coreference Resolution

Shany Barhom, Vered Shwartz, Alon Eirew, Michael Bugert, Nils Reimers, Ido Dagan, ACL 2019 - while affiliated with Bar-Ilan University

Diffeomorphic Temporal Alignment Nets

Ron Shapira Weber, Matan Eyal, Nicki Skafte Detlefsen, Oren Shriki and Oren Freifeld, NeurIPS 2019 - while affiliated with Ben-Gurion University

Boosting Local Matches with Convolutional Co-Segmentation

Erez Farhan, CVPRW 2019 - while affiliated with Ben-Gurion University

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