AI projects are being implemented in real life

The real reason why only 1 out of 10 AI projects reach production

BeyondMinds CTO and Co-Founder, Dr. Roey Mechrez, hosted at the “20-minute leaders” video series.

In this video interview, Roey gives us a look under the hood of how AI projects are being implemented in real life, focusing on the main pitfalls along the transformation journey:

  • AI landscape: off the shelf products for specific verticals vs. customized solutions
  • The growing appetite for accuracy in AI prediction: from the 82% accuracy rate in Netflix’s recommendation engine, to use cases that require much higher accuracy (insurance claims and factory defect detection)
  • The chasm separating AI in the lab and AI in production (and why POCs can be a deadly trap…)
  • How BeyondMinds aspires to close this gap with a production-grade AI platform that enables to build industry-specific customized solutions on top of it