Real World AI. The path to AI Value

With all the hype around AI, the many challenges of creating and implementing an AI solution are often overlooked. In this webinar, AI professionals share their insight on how to overcome these challenges and reap the benefits AI has to offer.

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Webinar panelists:

  • Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Head of Alibaba DAMO Academy Machine Intelligence Israel Lab
  • Vladlen Koltun, Chief Scientist for Intelligent Systems | Intel
  • Nathaniel Kohn, Director of Data Science and AI | Lemonade
  • Moderator: Roey Mechrez, CTO & Co-founder | BeyondMinds

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • Main AI production barriers in the past and today
  • Key components of an AI system
  • How to keep a model on the rails
  • The challenge of distribution shifts
  • Training the AI model after it has been deployed