Building Human to Machine Trust – Delivering sustainable outcomes that matter

AI presents fundamental changes in the way companies run their production lines, innovate their products and designs, and optimize yield. Watch industry experts share firsthand experiences on how AI provides impactful results and sustainable outcomes in manufacturing.

Webinar panelists:

  • Dr. Tom Bradicich, Industrial and Manufacturing Solutions, HPE
  • Ulli Waltinger, Associate VP – Artificial Intelligence & IoT, Siemens Advanta Consulting
  • Dr. Carolina Pinart, Global Product Director for New Generation Technologies, Nestle

 Topics discussed at this webinar:

  • Covid-19 as an AI catalyst: how the lockdown expedited an augmented reality pilot used by maintenance crews that couldn’t make it to the factory floors
  • Predictive Maintenance: learning to leverage big data and build a model that optimizes machinery uptime and boosts productivity
  • Building Human-Machine trust: overcoming the barriers of safety, privacy and culture
  • Near-term AI opportunities, such as video analytics for QA, digital quality inspection and customization of consumer products at scale

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Dr. Ulli Waltinger
Associate Vice President – Artificial Intelligence & IoT

Tom Bradicich, PhD
Industrial and Manufacturing Solutions 

Dr. Carolina Pinart
Product Global Product Director for New Generation Technologies