AI as a Service

Working together to apply AI for real-world data and business needs




BeyondMinds is proposing a new paradigm for deploying production-grade AI solutions across enterprises.

We believe that impactful AI solutions should neither be built from the ground up, nor bought off-the-shelf, but rather hyper-customized to fit the business problem and constraints.


With the BeyondMinds Enterprise Platform we enable enterprise AI transformations, addressing real-world complexities and scaling AI efficiently.

Work Process

AI Potential Assessment

Understanding business needs, data and constraints

Product Definition

Defining product functionality and integrating data

Go Live

Building and deploying a customized AI product

Feedback & Improvement

Monitoring and improving with live data

Solution Benefits


Create AI impact even under extreme data scenarios


Make trusted decisions for successful AI adoption


Generate AI impact in weeks instead of years


Hyper-customized for maximal impact

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