Turning AI Market Failure into Success

An innovative approach to Enterprise AI

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AI can solve enterprises’ most pressing problems, but until now, it has been challenging to create concrete value from AI.

Real-world AI is complex; moving from the sterile lab environment to the real world requires much effort and technological capability. Every AI problem, scenario and use case is completely unique, requiring minute customization. Furthermore, maintaining AI solutions in production can be a real challenge for enterprises, a challenge that grows significantly with the number of AI solutions undertaken.

We envision
Enterprise AI differently.


Therefore, we created the BeyondMinds platform, introducing an innovative approach to Enterprise AI that can capture the real value of AI and turn failure into success.

Organizational-Wide AI that Works

Solving today’s real-world problems to create tomorrow’s Enterprise AI

BeyondMinds tackles the market’s failure in moving from the sterile lab environment to the real world, head on.
Our platform offers a unique architecture, on top of which we can rapidly build solutions tailored to any customer. These solutions, vastly different from each other, inherit from the platform a set of universal characteristics that make them fully production-grade. These include core technologies that enable robustness, scalability, trust, and more. In this way, enterprises no longer need to address these problems anew for each use case, and can benefit from AI faster, with a much higher success rate, at only a fraction of the cost.
All AI solutions can now be operated, monitored, managed, and kept current using one unified, easy-to-use interface.
The BeyondMinds approach is sustainable over time, helping organizations to become fully AI-transformed.

Meet the BeyondMinds Platform

Tackling real-world AI barriers at the organizational level

The BeyondMinds platform contains a full set of components, tools, AI suites and services that allow the development, deployment and ongoing operation of an Enterprise AI Solution. It represents years of accumulated knowledge, metamorphosed into software.

  • SaaS Solution Layer
    • Solutions built on top of the Platform
      On top of the BeyondMinds platform we build a solution which is hyper-customized to specific enterprise needs – use cases, business processes, KPIs, data and environment
  • Core AI Layers
    • Production, Operation and Management Technologies
      Manage and maintain optimal solution performance over time: ensure trust to meet regulatory requirements; mitigate bias; allow easy man-machine interaction; enable full monitoring
    • AI Capabilities
      A full set of AI capability suites for various AI domains, such as NLP, Speech Analysis, Computer Vision etc.
    • Core Data Technologies
      Guarantee a production-grade solution: high performance in noisy, corrupted or insufficient data environments; inference acceleration; stability under dynamic data conditions
  • Data & Security Layers
    • Data Connection & Integration
      State of the art, highly scalable data ingestion layer that supports secure streaming and batch loads, REST and gRPC, structured and unstructured data intake
    • Security
      Secure internal and external communication protocols, connection and session timeout management, encryption of data in transit and at rest, confidentiality, SSO, OAuth, SAML and MFA identification and authentication, authorization and access provisioning, data integrity verification, trust boundary identification, auditing and monitoring security events
  • Cloud Native Support
      • On Premise

Meeting the Stringent Demands of Real-World AI

One platform to capture your organization’s AI value

Our unique platform provides an answer to the core barriers of real-world AI, by delivering the following traits to any solution built on top of it:


Enhanced model building
The solution can be trained under extreme conditions: small sets of labeled data, unlabeled information, low compute resources, etc.


The solution can withstand noisy, dynamic data in real time


The solution can be easily scaled to handle growing volumes of data and high throughput rates in production


The solution boasts ongoing model confidence, explainability, and bias mitigation


The solution is monitored, uses feedback to self-improve, and undergoes continuous updating

Customized to your Needs

Modular, configurable architecture to meet each enterprise’s specific needs

We know that your business problems, and thus the solutions for them, are inherently specific per your data, environment, needs and objectives. Using our unique modular architecture, each solution built on top of the platform is fully configurable in order to maximize value.

Our internal research teams work to develop technology that successfully bridges the gap between lab and production. These breakthroughs, combined with state of the art academic research, are implemented to solve your business problems. Our technology stack is enriched with multiple components that are combined to compose a holistic system. As part of the customization process, we configure each solution with the most optimal parameters needed to meet specific organizational needs.

Monitor, Manage and Share AI Across the Organization


Create an AI Multiplier effect

Enterprise AI is challenging. Partnering with BeyondMinds helps tackle the challenges and streamline and accelerate AI transformation. Our platform enables you to move from 1-by-1 solution monitoring and management to an organization-wide operation.

BeyondMinds Enterprise AI software solutions are delivered as a service to ensure continuous improvement and increasing value over time. As a partner in production, BeyondMinds enables organizations to deliver and maintain AI solutions with minimal involvement on their side. BeyondMinds is dedicated to always keeping your AI solutions on-the-rails, even with shifting real-world data and requirements. BeyondMinds works with you to fully transform your organization, aligning AI needs and use cases to make sure that all AI solutions are synergetic rather than siloed. This is a significant enabler of AI at scale and further future-proofs the organization.

Five easy steps to an Enterprise AI Solution

  • Problem Definition
  • Solution Review
  • Build Solution on our Platform
  • Deploy as a Service
  • Maintain on our Platform

Take The Next Step

See the BeyondMinds platform in action and learn more about transforming your entire business!

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We love theory

With our origin in academics, we are committed to furthering the education and understanding of AI.

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